D-Link Group Temperature Screening Camera Kit

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D-Link DCS-9500T Group Temperature Screening Camera Kit, Thermal AI, white

Identify people with fevers precisely and accurately by using advanced infrared thermal imaging technology from D-Link. Inspect flowing crowds in large areas, and distinguish those that have an elevated temperature from those that don€™t. Raise the alarm immediately when someone with a fever is detected in real-time, with ±0.3°C medical-grade accuracy *1.

The DCS-9500T is a complete solution that comes with a thermographic camera, blackbody calibrator and comprehensive software suite which includes archive management, temp data reporting, statistic reporting and extensive analysis according to age/gender/time/type as well as system monitoring in real-time *2.

High-accuracy Thermal Camera
• 400 (H) x 300 (V) effective pixels
• Thermal sensitivity up to 40 mK at F1.0
• Boasting a f8 mm at F1.0 thermal camera
• A thermal camera angle of view of H:46° x V:35°

Dimensions(WxDxH): 182x220x136mm
Weight: 9.5kg

*1 The DCS-9500T is designed for the rapid detection of skin-surface temperatures for preliminary public area screening. It does not measure actual core body temperatures which should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices. Always check your local laws and regulations deployment and usage of this type of equipment. Avoid wind, sunshine, and high-temperature object reflections in the background for most accurate results. Indoor installation is highly recommended.
* 2 Intranet camera in a closed network is highly recommended.


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D-Link Group Temperature Screening Camera Kit

22 ,676.50