Kamerarem Leash Ash L-AS-3


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PEAKDESIGN Leash Ash Camera Strap, 80-150cm, 4x Anchorpoints Gen3, black

Leash is a versatile camera strap that can be mounted by the camera when you do not need it. Use as a normal neck strap, loop strap or a simple safety strap. Compatible with Peak Design’s other strap brackets. The new adjustment mechanism makes it even easier to adjust the length and makes it possible to change the length of the strap with just one hand. Anchorpoint Gen-3 fits more cameras and is streamlined for easier mounting on the strap. Adjustable from 84 – 150 cm.

• 4x Anchorpoint Gen 3 included
• Adjustable length between 80 and 150 cm


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Kamerarem Leash Ash L-AS-3