Magnetic USB Charging Cable anthracite 1 m


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DeLock Magnetic USB Charging Cable, 1 m, anthracite

This USB charging cable by Delock stands out due to its magnet technology und enables an easy and quick connecting and disconnecting between a device and the power source. The suitable magnetic adapters are optionally available by Delock. The cable is due to the robust textile shielding and metal housing on both cable ends, very sturdy and durable.

• Voltage: 5 V
• Copper conductor
• Maximum output current: 2.4 A
• Cable gauge: 24 AWG power line
• Supports only charging function
• Cable with textile shielding
• Connector with metal housing
• Green LED indication during charging process
• Connectors: 1 x USB 2.0 Type-A male > 1 x magnet interface

Optionally available – Magnetic Adapters:

Delock 65928 – Lightning„¢
Delock 65929 – USB 2.0 Type Micro-B
Delock 65930 – USB Type-C„¢

Single cable from Delock 85705 (Magnetic USB Charging Cable Set)

Package contents: Magnetic USB charging cable


Magnetic USB Charging Cable anthracite 1 m