Delock HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio


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DeLOCK HDMI to VGA adapter, HDMI female in, HD15 male/USB/3.5mm audio out, 0,2m, 1080p, black

This HDMI to VGA adapter by Delock can be used for the connection of a VGA device to your PC or laptop, like beamer or monitor. By using the stereo jack cable on the output device you can transmit the audio signal through this adapter. Furthermore this adapter will be powered via USB hence you do not need an additional power supply.

• Connector:
    1 x HDMI-A 19 pin female
    1 x VGA 15 pin male
    1 x Stereo jack 3 pin male (audio)
    1 x USB Type-A male (power supply)
• Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 (depending on the system and the connected hardware)
• Cable length:
  VGA to HDMI: ca. 23 cm
  USB: ca. 23 cm
  Stereo jack: ca. 23 cm
• LED indicator for power and activity
• OS independent, no driver installation necessary
• Resolution (depending on your system of your PCs or laptop) e.g.:
  800 x 600
  1024 x 768
  1280 x 720
  1280 x 768
  1280 x 800
  1280 x 960
  1280 x 1024
  1360 x 768
  1400 x 900
  1400 x 1050
  1440 x 900
  1600 x 900
  1680 x 1050
  1776 x 1000
  1920 x 1080

System requirements
• PC with one free HDMI port
• Output device with VGA female port
• A free USB Type-A port
• Optional: stereo jack female port for audio signal

Package content
• HDMI to VGA adapter
• User manual

• Retail Box


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Delock HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio