Dicota Perfect Skin 12-12.5


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Dicota Perfect skin laptop sleeve, 12/12.5″, black

For anybody who wants to transport their device in a light-weight and flexible fashion.

Perfect Skin is made of elastic synthetic neoprene and perfectly adapts to the form of your notebook like a second skin. The best guarantee against surface scratches and other dents and damages. Another advantage: The zipper is fitted with an extra surface on the inside in order to avoid scratches on the notebook.

• Lightweight design
• Robust, especially elastic neoprene
• Adapts perfectly like a second skin to the notebook
• Guarantees optimal protections from scratches and small damages
• Zipper equipped with additional padding to protect from scratches

Dimensions:(WxDxH) 325x25x225 mm

Weight: 150 g


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Dicota Perfect Skin 12-12.5