Kingston 256GB SDXC Canvas Go Plus 170R C10 UHS-I U3 V30


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Kingston Canvas Go Plus SDXC Card, 256GB, incl. UHS-II SD card reader, black

Creativity, inspiration and professional quality

Kingston’s Canvas React Plus SD card’s high performance is designed for film industry standard cameras. The card is perfect for creative professionals who record 4K / 8K videos and take high-resolution photos. It supports the latest UHS-II standard and the advanced read and write speed classes U3 and V90. With the Canvas React Plus SD in the camera, you can capture images at a recording speed of up to 260MB / s. * Give creativity free rein without having to worry about delays or making movies jump while streamlining and streamlining workflow thanks to the included MobileLite Plus UHS -II SD reader. With transfer speeds up to 300MB / s *, the post-editing goes smoother and you can easily handle heavy workloads or record high-quality bio-quality movies.

• Ultimate speeds to support professional camera use.
• Record high-speed and ultra-high-resolution 4K / 8K video series without chopping the movie.
• Advanced performance for professional photographers and digital filmmakers.
• Optimized file transfer thanks to the included UHS-II SD reader.
• Robust.

* Based on internal test performance, which varies depending on the host unit. For best performance, MobileLite Plus SD reader is required.


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Kingston 256GB SDXC Canvas Go Plus 170R C10 UHS-I U3 V30