Kingston 512GB microSDXC Canvas Select Plus 100R A1 C10 w/o ADP


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Kingston Canvas Select Plus MicroSDXC, 512GB, Class 10 UHS-I, incl. black

Powerful performance, high speed and durability

Kingston’s Canvas Select Plus microSD is compatible with Android devices and has A1-rated performance. It has higher transfer speeds and several capacities up to 512 GB * so you can load apps faster, take more photos and record more video. Thanks to powerful performance, high speed and durability, the Canvas Select Plus microSD pallet stands for jerks when taking and developing high-resolution photos or recording or editing videos in full HD resolution. Kingston Canvas Cards have been tested in and proven to withstand the most demanding environments and conditions so you can carry them anywhere safe in the assurance that your photos, videos and files will be protected. Sold with lifetime warranty.

* Class 10 UHS-I speeds up to 100 Mbit / s *
* Optimized for use with Android devices
* Capacities up to 512 GB **
* Robust
* Lifetime Warranty

* Some of the specified capacity is used for formatting and other functions and therefore cannot be used for data storage. The actual available data storage capacity is therefore less than what is stated on the products. For more information, see Kingston’s flash memory guide at

** The speed may vary depending on the host’s hardware and software as well as usage.


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Kingston 512GB microSDXC Canvas Select Plus 100R A1 C10 w/o ADP