Komplett Kit för Batteribyte – iPhone Xs


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SiGN Complete Kit for Battery Replacement – iPhone XS, complete with tools, white

A battery kit – everything needed for battery replacement

Now we’ll change the life of your iPhone. Thanks to you. With the SiGN battery kit, anyone can change the battery on their own in just 15-30 minutes. By gathering all the necessary spare parts and tools together with a simple instruction needed for battery replacement in one and the same product, we have done something that many perceive as difficult, so easy. Forget expensive mobile phone repairs at a workshop. Now we change the battery, ourselves. Cheap.


4-in-1: Battery, tools, battery tape, instruction
Contains everything you need to change the battery
SiGN – our own brand with Swedish design
Overcharging and short-circuit protection
Easy change in 15-30 min
For iPhone XS


Spare part: Battery incl. battery tape and tools
Capacity: 2658mAh
Type: Lithium-ion polymer
Protection: Overcharging and short-circuit protection
Third party manufactured: Yes
CE marked: Yes
This product is compatible with: iPhone XS

Package includes: 1 x iPhone XS Battery, 1 x iPhone XS Battery Tape, 1 x Tool Kit (7 parts), 1 x Instructions


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Komplett Kit för Batteribyte - iPhone Xs