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Optapad Extended, ergonomic mouse built into a handle support, silver / black

Optapad Extended is a centered mouse, with wide and soft wrist support, combining movements already available from smartphones and tablets with great ergonomic design.

It has a touch pad made of glass, which makes handling easy and natural. While the optical technology delivers unique precision and speed. With smart features, both directly on Optapad or using our software, you can customize buttons and touchpad to your own preferences.

By placing the wrists on the wide and soft wrist supports and thanks to the centered ergonomic design, a good work position and relief in the neck, shoulders and arms are obtained. Optapad Extended can thus prevent and remedy problems such as mice, tennis arc, carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle tension.

• Zoom in and out – by pulling the fingers apart on the touch pad
• Move the cursor easily between multiple screens – without stopping or jumping
• Swipe between images with a sweeping two-finger movement
• Turn off features on the disc – without software
• 8 buttons that can be customized to your needs
• Future-proof – you can update your Optapad yourself

Other information
• You can choose whether to put the connection cable (USB) to the right or left
• Works with PC and Mac.
• Software can be downloaded free of charge to customize features / settings according to your preferences.
This is especially recommended when used with Mac.
• Removable and replaceable wrist support attached to the base with magnets.
• The wide and soft wrist rests can be washed and disinfected with detergents and alcohol.
• Manufactured in Sweden

Dimensions (WxDxH): 486x110x17,2mm


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Optapad Extended