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Peak Design, camera backpack everyday backpack 20L, tan.

Backpack with focus on agility and design, packed with smart solutions. perfect for everyday use, with or without your camera gear.

Everyday backpack has three large openings. One at the top and one at each side, so you can pack and access your stuff the way you want it. A zipper on the top lets you access a dedicated laptop compartment and the inside of the side openings and the top lid are equipped with pockets for organizing small items.

The top lids closing mechanism combines magnets and mechanics for a safe and smart lock. The design of the backpack allows for quick and easy closure whether its empty or completely packed. As easy to open as to close, even with only one hand.

Access on the go
Easily adjusted shoulder straps allows for quick access inside the backpack and its compartments without having to take off the backpack, by loosening up a shoulder strap its possible to swing the backpack and access the side compartments

Flexfold dividers make it easy to organize
on the inside there are origami inspired separators which can be adjusted after your needs for the day. Their rigid construction with pre-folds makes them easy to adjust, fold and customize.  

Everyday for real
Both the fabric and the zipper are weather proof so you can use the bag in all weather conditions.

Smart Expandable
Two hidden straps makes it possible to attach bigger items on the outside of the backpack, the outside pockets expand when needed and can fit for example, water bottles or small camera stands.

• Easy access with three openings
• Packed with smart solutions and weather proof fabric
• Smart closing mechanism and quick access
• Flexfold-separator makes it easy organizing your gear
• 2 hidden straps allows you to attach bigger items externally

Inner dimensions(WxDxH): 279x140x406 mm. Outer dimensions(WxDxH): 300x170x460 mm.

Weight: 1810g


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