Recharge Ultra AA 2400mAh, 4pk – Precharged


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Duracell recharge ultra, precharged, AA Batteries, 4-pack, NiMH, green

Duracell recharge ultra AA batteries are NiMH batteries with a capacity of 2500 mAh. They are ideal for powering the high-drained devices you use the most. These pre-charged rechargeable batteries give you the freedom to enjoy your appliances – right out of the pack – without the need to charge the batteries before first use. In addition, these batteries can be recharged hundreds of times so you can use them often and in many different devices. Duracell’s unique Duralock power preservation technology keeps chemical reactions from depleting the battery€™s active ingredients. This way, Duralock helps to keep Duracell batteries powered – even after 12 months in storage they still have a capacity of 80%. These AA batteries are best used when you are looking for dependable, long lasting and rechargeable power in frequently used devices such as digital cameras, portable games consoles, shavers, motorized toys, toothbrushes, etc.
• 4-Pack
• Lasts up to 5 years guaranteed or 400 recharges with Duralock Power Preserve technology
• Precharged
• Long-lasting power


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Recharge Ultra AA 2400mAh, 4pk - Precharged